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April 21, 2015
Contact: Alexandra Freeze

Association of American Educators Foundation Announces Spring 2015 National Teacher Scholarship & Classroom Grant Winners

Alexandria, VA – The Association of American Educators Foundation (AAEF) today announced its National Scholarships and Grants award winners for the spring of 2015, with 15 teachers whose innovative initiatives will receive funding for varied educational projects and pursuits.

AAEF is committed to offering individual educators various avenues for improving their effectiveness and student outcomes. The teacher scholarships provide teachers with funding to pursue additional teacher trainings, attend workshops, or specialized conferences. The classroom grants are offered to educators to supplement the costs of student-focused projects or activities. Both awards are available to all educators, regardless of membership status.

"AAEF is thoroughly impressed with this season's winners. With projects inspired by sheer innovation and dedication, each of these teachers have revealed very pronounced visions for a quality classroom environment," said AAEF Chairman Gary Beckner. "Without questions, teachers like these make AAE scholarships and grants a worthy investment in empowering educators and advancing student learning across the country!"

The Association of American Educators Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation that provides the public and public school teachers with educational information to help reform and improve the education of America's youth. The AAE Foundation's National Scholarships and Grants competition is held twice a year in the fall and spring and is not limited to AAE members. The deadline for the spring competition is March 1, and the fall competition deadline is October 1.

The AAE teacher scholarship & classroom grant winners for spring 2015 are as follows:

Teacher Scholarship recipients:
Maureen Barrett - Laurel, New Jersey
Holly Campbell - Omaha, Nebraska
Cassie Cox - Ogden, Utah
Keith Schoch - Bedminster, New Jersey
Del Whitman - Lincoln, Nebraska


Classroom Grant Recipients:

Amy Bienstock - Brooklyn, New York
Cassi Clausen - Mission Viejo, California
Michael DeFronzo - Sandy, Utah
David Fassler - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Amy Goodrum - Shelby, North Carolina
Sharon Greenblatt - Hillside, New Jersey
Shelli Hemerson - Anaheim, California
John Mayo - Boys Town, Nebraska
Sara Scholes - West Jordan, Utah
Scott Wallace - Bloomington, Indiana

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