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Press Release Archive 2006-09

9.17.09 |  AAE calls on NEA to Stop Using Teachers' Money to Support ACORN

9.15.09 |  NWPE helps St. John Teachers Discard WEA & NEA for Local Only Bargaining Option

3.17.09 |  Local Teachers Union in Kansas Decertifies from State and National Unions

3.10.09 |  AAE Applauds President Obama’s Commitment to Education Improvements

11.21.08 |  AAE Calls for Real Reform in New Administration

10.31.08 |  AAE Welcomes New Members to Foundation Board

9.23.08 |  AAE Supports the Efforts of Ed in ‘08

8.19.08 |  New Milestone: Two Million American Teachers Now Corralled Into Unions, 1.3 Million Forced to Pay Dues

7.30.08 |  NEA Neglects to Focus on Education as Priority

6.25.08 |  AAE Calls for Education to Be Top Priority in 2008 Election

5.27.08 |  AAE Questions Motives of Washington Education Association Over Loss of Charitable Grant for Math and Science

4.28.08 |  AAE Calls for Educator Expense Deduction Renewal

3.28.08 |  AAE Seconds Iowa Partner’s Call for Veto of Controversial Labor Bill

2.6.08 |  AAE Expresses Disappointment with Denver Classroom Teachers Association

11.27.07 |  New Clark County Educators Organization Launches

11.13.07 |  AAE Supports Social Security Fairness Act

10.3.07 |  Teacher Survey Sheds New Light on Performance Pay Debate

9.24.07 |  New Addition to AAE Foundation Board

8.6.07 |  New AAE Chapter in Colorado Promotes Professionalism for Educators

7.9.07 |  Michigan Teachers’ Union Decertifies from State and National Union

6.27.07 |  AAE Members Speak on No Child Left Behind

6.22.07 |  AAE Supports Social Security Fairness Act

6.14.07 |  AAE Applauds High Court Decision Favoring Teachers' Rights

5.7.07 |  AAE Joins Nation in Honoring Teachers

4.30.07 |  AAE Celebrates National Charter School Week

3.23.07 |  Bailey Teams with Fellow National Teachers of the Year to Mentor Top Education Students

2.5.07 |  Illinois Teachers’ Union Takes Historic Step to Decertify from State and National Union

1.16.07 |  AAE Recognizes Religious Freedom Day

1.10.07 |  U.S. Supreme Court Hears First Amendment Case to Protect Rights of Teachers

11.13.06 |  Association of American Educators Files Amicus Brief with the U.S. Supreme Court Regarding Washington v. Washington Education Association

9.26.06 |  AAE Applauds U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Hear Case to Protect Teachers' Liberties

2.27.06 |  NEA Partnership with AFL-CIO Tarnishes Teaching Profession

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