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June 15, 2011
Contact: Alexandra Schroeck

AAE Applauds Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision

Alexandria, VA – Yesterday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered Governor Scott Walker's budget repair law reinstated, granting a tremendous victory for the taxpayers of Wisconsin and a crippling defeat for labor union monopolies.

Following months of controversy and back and forth between the state legislature and union officials, the law will finally take effect in Wisconsin. With the high court's action, Democrat's last chance for repealing the law is a possible plan to recall six GOP state senators and vote again in the legislature. Activists and union backers have also vowed to eventually recall Governor Walker who justified the budget legislation as essential to curb $3.6 billion budget shortfall.

In a one-sentence reaction to the ruling, Governor Walker said, "The Supreme Court's ruling provides our state the opportunity to move forward together and focus on getting Wisconsin working again."

AAE Executive Director Gary Beckner applauded the decision today, releasing the following statement:

"AAE applauds the efforts of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and their commitment to upholding the laws of the state. The people of Wisconsin spoke in November, and it is critical that their visions are carried out.

This decision is a victory for both the taxpaying public and the committed teachers of Wisconsin. No longer will any teacher be forced to join the union as a condition of employment as this law will see to it that teachers are given the choice in selecting an organization that best reflects their beliefs and budget.

Wisconsin has been this year's leader in reversing the archaic practice of forced unionism. Hopefully they will set the standard for the nation as we move forward with laws across the country aimed at curbing union power and reforming education."

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