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November 9, 2011
Contact: Alexandra Schroeck

AAE Weighs in on Issue 2 in Ohio and Forced Unionism

Alexandria, VA – Following Tuesday's referendum vote on Issue 2, or Senate Bill 5, Ohio Governor Kasich's law aimed at curbing union power, closing budget shortfalls, and ending forced unionism will now be overturned.

In light of this news, AAE Executive Director Gary Beckner issued the following statement:

"This vote is a setback for the thousands of teachers across Ohio who want choices in their representation. The practice of forcing teachers to pay union dues as a condition of employment is archaic and simply wrong.

While we had hoped that Ohio would have gone the route of Wisconsin in solidifying this law to institute important teacher freedoms, it is clear that with big union money and special interest manpower, the cry for reform and accountability can be silenced.

The fact is the unions have spent an unprecedented amount–$24 million– in the repeal effort of Senate Bill 5. With SB 5 in place, the unions stood to lose tens of millions of dollars in compulsory dues. With a multi-million dollar war chest – much of it forced from dues-paying members – the unions succeeded in protecting their pipeline of cash.

While the interests of teacher labor union leadership won in this particular election, the state of Ohio and the nation at large have ultimately changed for the better. Regardless of astronomical special interest spending, American voters are beginning to understand the very need for not only commonsense reform but holding unions accountable to their membership and the taxpayer."

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